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 Garena crack 1.4[live]

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PostSubject: Garena crack 1.4[live]   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:17 pm

The Garena Crack v1.4!!!!!!its finally released.. affraid affraid affraid
all 8UID DIgit members is waiting for this because they cannot
receive exp from the old 3.33!! Now heres the features

-Can leave room even garena is open!!
-GW Skin
-No annoying 5 secs
-Its not super admin now its GW Member!
-12 Working Servers
-12 Servers in Mega Exp
-MegaXP(dont know how much will receive cause im lazy)
-Ability To flood
-Goldmember Functions
-6M0therSorr Server
-6 Garena World Server

If you have problems Post it here
If the mega exp doesnt work for you i dont know whats the problem
cause its working in me and im 8 DIGIT USER!!!

Extract GarenaHack-Latest&Updated.rar using WinRaR.

Go to the folder where you have extracted the files, Open "_Start Garena with GarenaHack.exe"- See the icon image on right >>

Click start Garena Hack with MegaEXP Free

After few seconds Garena and Garenahack window will popup.

5. Just close Garena window, and click "Start MegaExp Hacking - 12 Servers Connect" on GarenaHack window.

Again a Dialog window will popup. Just type your username/password and UID and Click Start EXP Hacking.

Two command prompt windows will appear.. just leave it for few time.. and then login your account on Garena then see your experience boost.

Media Fire Link
4Shared Link
No Virus Found
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Garena crack 1.4[live]
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